ReneSola Applauds Opening of Large-Scale German Solar Power Plant; Gahro Plant Utilizes 27.5 MW of Poly and Virtus High-Efficiency Modules

published: 2011-09-30 10:27 | editor: | category: News

ReneSola Ltd ("ReneSola" or the "Company") (NYSE: SOL), a leading global manufacturer of solar products, today extended its formal congratulations to Enerparc, a leading EPC company in Germany, for constructing and operating a large-scale solar power plant in Gahro, Germany. The plant, which came on line on September 2, 2011, is equipped with 27.5 MW of ReneSola's standard Multi and Virtus high-efficiency modules.

In June of this year, ReneSola shipped to Gahro 16.23 MW of its standard Multi modules, comprised of 230W, 235W and 240W modules, and 11.23 MW of its Virtus modules, comprised of 235W, 240W and 245W modules, which were installed in August.

The solar power plant, which occupies 55 hectares near Heideblick, generates more than 26 million kilowatt hours of electricity each day, enough to supply more than 7,500 households.

"Thanks to our great partnership with ReneSola, more than 200 containers of modules were delivered and installed in record time. This new plant exemplifies our combined technical expertise in building and operating large-scale photovoltaic plants," said Stefan Muller, COO of Enerparc.

"We were very pleased to participate in this great project, which will provide a cleaner energy alternative to the citizens of Gahro," noted Dr. Panjian (Paul) Li, RenesSola's senior vice president. "We continue to work with customers and local governments to build partnerships in the renewable energy sector, as well as with local banks to ensure the bankability of our projects. The fact that nearly half the modules we supplied to this project were of the new, high-efficiency Virtus type demonstrates the effectiveness of our newest products and their suitability for large-scale solar projects."

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